Universal Cooling System Cleaner – PN 540M

Universal Cooling System Cleaner – PN 540M

✅ Removes inaccessible rust, scale & sludge from the entire cooling system
✅ Helps prevent overheating and costly break down
✅ Prevents foaming and helps engine run at cooler temperature
✅ Prolongs life of cooling system components
✅ Installs special conditioner to protect the cooling system components and controls rust and corrosion


BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner is a revolutionary formulation with amazingly safe and effective cleaning capabilities. It removes tough organic deposits that result from oil fouling, grease and glycol oxidation residues—yet contains no harsh chemicals. BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner can be used in either gasoline or diesel engines. It is completely harmless to all cooling system components, and the cooling system does not require neutralization after service
Part Number: 540M
Quantity: 354 mL


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