Diesel Engine Performance Restoration – PN 10932M

Diesel Engine Performance Restoration – PN 10932M

✅ Eliminates & controls engine oil sludge buildups
✅ Dissolves & removes deposits from piston rings
✅ Optimizes engine compression
✅ Eliminates Oil Consumption
✅ Restores engine power & performance “Like New”
✅ Prevents new oil from oxidizing
✅ Prolongs life of the engine


WICHITA, Kan – In December, BG Products, Inc., partnered with Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions (MVTS), a provider of breakthrough fuel economy testing design and development services for the trucking industry, to display the effects of using BG EPR® Engine Performance Restoration® and BG Heavy Duty Fuel System Performance Restoration in High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel systems.
Part Number: 10932M
Quantity: 32 FL. OZ. (946 mL)


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