Special HCF Grease – PN 605M

Special HCF Grease – PN 605M

✅ Calcium sulfonate base #2 grease
✅ Superior rust and corrosion protection
✅ Excellent for salt water environments
✅ Well suited for many applications, including high temperature wheel bearings
✅ Best grease for harsh conditions, like wheel bearings in wet climates, mining, construction and other punishing applications


BG Special HCF Grease
BG Special HCF Grease is a state-of-the-art product for applications requiring extraordinary performance. Acceptable for use wherever a high-quality grease is required. Formulated to withstand high temperatures. Provides protection against the corrosive action of both freshwater and saltwater as well as chemical fumes. Maintains lubricating film under adverse conditions of load and torque.
Part Number: 605M
Quantity: 14 oz. (397 g) cartridge


BG Brake Lube is a professional-use brake grease.

BG Brake Lube is applied to the caliper bracket that holds the brake pad in place. This allows pads to slide and contact the brake rotor as they wear down. Without BG Brake Lube on these caliper brackets, the brake pad may not slide inward correctly, which can cause brake pads to wear unevenly.

BG Brake Lube performs exceptionally well under the most severe braking situations caused by road salt and environmental conditions that destroy most lubricants. It provides unparalleled protection against the effects of water and environmental contaminants in brake applications. BG Brake Lube mixes with virtually any soap-based grease with excellent seal compatibility.
Part Number: 605BK
Quantity: 5 cc packet


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