Frigi Quiet for R-1234yf – PN 702M

Frigi Quiet for R-1234yf – PN 702M

✅ Enhances cooling efficiency
✅ Quieter compressor operation
✅ Prolongs compressor life
✅ Leak detection technology
✅ Unsurpassed lubricity for greater wear protection


Utilizes unique, anti-wear technology to ensure quieter, cooler compressor operation and will prolong compressor life. It has excellent oxidative stability, is hydrolytically stable, and offers many advantages over typical PAG and Ester oils, even under the harshest of conditions. Can be safely used in compressors requiring oil viscosities from ISO 46 to ISO 100. Recommended for use in R-1234yf and R-134a systems only.
Part Number: 702M
Quantity: 59 mL


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