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Coolant Transfusion System

Coolant Transfusion System

The BG CT2 installs new 50/50 coolant into a vehicle’s cooling system while simultaneously removing the old, spent coolant. The BG CT2 can be refilled and emptied with a flip of a switch. No need to carry heavy buckets of coolant all around the shop. The system is small and compact, taking up the least possible space. It is completely portable and can be used inside or outside the shop. Unlike other systems, the BG CT2 has the capacity of transfusing the coolant with or without running the engine. Most vehicles can be serviced with the engine off, thus preventing the common problem of continuous intermixing of new and used coolant due to the closing and opening of the thermostat. This process backflushes the vehicle’s cooling system, removing scale and debris not accessible when going with the normal direction of coolant flow.

Part Number : CT2 Quantity : 1 Unit