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Coolant Transfusion System

Coolant Transfusion System

The BG CT4 uses vacuum to remove spent coolant from a vehicle’s cooling system. When the removal is complete the vacuum automatically draws the new 50/50 coolant back into the vehicle’s cooling system leaving absolutely no air pockets. There is no vehicle disassembly required; the entire service is done through the radiator cap. The BG CT4 takes away the need to monitor gauges and adjust regulators by replacing them with its new single-valve design. The BG CT4 uses one service hose and radiator fill neck plug to simplify connections while putting the power of vacuum extraction at your finger tips. The air-operated vacuum extraction method of the BG CT4 does not rely upon troublesome pressure vessels that will crack and leak. The system is small and compact, taking up the least possible space. It is completely portable and can be used wherever there is access to shop air. 

Part Number : CT4 Quantity : 1 Unit