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DFC Plus Easy Treat

DFC Plus Easy Treat

BG DFC Plus Easy Treat is a multi-functional diesel fuel conditioner especially formulated for low and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. It contains highly effective “heat stable” detergent/dispersants for cleaning the entire fuel system from fuel tank to catalytic converter, including the fuel injectors. It contains an approved diesel pump lubricant to provide lubricity for the fuel pumps and fuel injectors so as to prevent scoring and excessive wear. It will also protect against diesel fuel gelling during engine operation in sub-zero temperatures. BG DFC Plus Easy Treat also adds antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors to maintain fuel quality during storage. One 6 oz. (177mL) bottle treats 10-40 gallons (40-150 Liters). This one-tank treatment provides great versatility to cover passenger car diesel engines, such as VW, as well as light duty diesel pickup trucks, such as the Ford PowerStroke.® Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe. This diesel fuel additive complies with the Federal low-sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles.

Part Number : 247 Quantity : 177 mL