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CF5® Fuel System Cleaner

CF5® Fuel System Cleaner

BG CF5® Fuel System Cleaner is a unique, high-tech formulation designed to provide deposit control throughout the life of the engine. It prevents deposits throughout the entire fuel system. Added to vehicle fuel tank at every 5,000 KMS.

BG CF5® will keep intake manifolds, intake ports, intake valves and combustion chambers clean and free of damaging deposits. Maintains “like-new” engine performance.

BG CF5® restores power and efficiency and protects against the harmful effects of ethanol. BG CF5® is an excellent fuel stabilizer and is catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe.

One can of 11 oz. (325 mL) can treat 15 gallons (57 Liters) of fuel. 


Part Number : 203M Quantity : 325 mL